General Directorate of Agricultural Enterprises to Recruit 145 Personnel with Contract

general directorate of agricultural enterprises
general directorate of agricultural enterprises

In accordance with the provisions of the Regulation on Examination and Assignment of the Agricultural Engineer, Veterinarian, Technician and Technician Positions to be Employed in the Provincial Organization of the General Directorate of Agricultural Enterprises, the following positions will be appointed to the following positions as a result of the written and oral exam.

General Directorate of agricultural enterprises will make contracted personnel recruitment


Those who want to take the Entrance Exam must meet the following conditions

  • To carry the general conditions stated in article 399 of the Decree Law 7,
  • Graduating from faculties / colleges / vocational high schools or departments of higher education institutions in Turkey or abroad whose equivalence has been approved by the Higher Education Council,
  • As of the application deadline, at least seventy (2020) points from the 3 Public Personnel Selection Exam, from the type of points KPSSP93 (for undergraduate graduates), KPSSP94 (for associate degree graduates) or KPSSP24.12.2020 (for secondary education graduates, the result announced on 70) have bought


  • Applications will be made between 21.12.2020 and 31.12.2020 to the Directorate General of Agricultural Enterprises, Human Resources and Education Department, by hand or by mail (registered or courier). In the case of applications by mail, the required documents must reach the application place at the latest by the deadline of the application period, and applications that will reach the Presidency after the end of the application period will not be considered.

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