Having received a 4 Star Certificate of Competence in Excellence, Doruk is Proceeding to Become a World Brand

It is on its way to become the top world brand that received the star competence certificate in excellence.
It is on its way to become the top world brand that received the star competence certificate in excellence.

📩 20/11/2020 11:02

Aylin Tülay Özden, Board Member of Doruk, who carried out the digital transformation of more than 300 factories around the world, attended the 17th Quality Congress held on 18-29 November with the theme "New Directions-New Horizons". Özden, who took part in the panel titled "Application of the EFQM Model" moderated by KalDer Secretary General Sabri Bülbül on November 18, talked about the advantages provided by the model, which has a great place in Doruk's institutionalization, and made a world with the 4 Stars Competency Certificate in EFQM Excellence Model. shared that they will speed up their efforts to become a brand.

Turkey Quality Association (Kal their) by 17-18 November "New Direction-New Horizons" performed digitally with the main theme of 29 participating in the Quality Congress Peak and lift Board Member Aylin Tulay Ozden, the congress covered moderated KalDer Secretary General Sabri Mockingbird ' It took place in the panel titled "Application of the EFQM Model" realized by. Speaking about the effects of the model in the institutionalization efforts they have accelerated in recent years, Özden emphasized that with the 4 Stars in Excellence Certificate they received this year in the EFQM Excellence Model, their efforts towards becoming a world brand will accelerate.

"We are institutionalizing at international standards with the EFQM Excellence Model"

Aylin Tülay Özden, who talked about the accelerated institutionalization efforts of Doruk, who developed one of the first IoT-based devices in the world as a technology company 22 years ago and realized the digital transformation of more than 300 factories worldwide, and talked about the success they have achieved with EFQM, He shared: “One of the most important strategic topics for the future in our company is institutionalization. Today, we continue our institutionalization efforts that we started as a family company with firm and confident steps with EFQM. The EFQM model we met in 2011 showed us how important it is to institutionalize at international standards. As a company with 90 percent engineers; We carry out software development, system installation and project management in factories, and since we are an R&D focused company, we proceed in a process based on innovation. Before implementing the EFQM model, our business units were working independently from each other. With the work we did with KalDer, we integrated all our departments from end to end. Thus, we were able to plan in an integrated way and realize change management more easily. At the same time, our employee, customer, stakeholder satisfaction and company efficiency increased significantly with the resilience of our institution. We increased communication with our suppliers. While continuing our systematic institutionalization efforts, we receive regular consultancy from KalDer. With all these practices, we are making progress by establishing solid structures that will ensure our sustainability in our systems. "

"We are taking forward with confidence to bring global brands from Turkey in the field of technology"

Speaking about the effects of the EFQM model on the company's goals, Aylin Tülay Özden completed her words as follows: “In order to carry out growth and development in a regular and systematic manner, we continue to examine the approaches related to corporate development models and implement them in accordance with our corporate culture. We improve our institution by raising our level as a result of the evaluations we voluntarily enter every year. The points we will receive from EFQM have turned into our company's goals. These goals have been internalized by everyone in our company and have become our corporate culture today. This year, we are delighted to receive the "4 Stars Competency Certificate in Excellence". International quality standards we take our proper work in the field of technology as a result of this document from Turkey Our goal is to increase global brand, we will continue to take the lead confidently towards. "

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