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The world disaster report is published

2020 World Disaster Report Published

The new World Disaster Report, which is shared annually by the IFRC (International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies), was shared with the public at the launch held in Geneva on 17 November. Evaluating the report, IFRC Vice President Dr. Kerem [more…]

new coronavirus measures from ibb
34 Istanbul

New Coronavirus Measures from IMM

IMM has taken a number of measures to be implemented as of Thursday, November 19, in order to prevent the increase in the prevalence in Istanbul, where the Covid 19 epidemic is most intense. Within the framework of the recommendations of the IMM Scientific Advisory Board, face to face [more…]

Quarantine call from tunc soyer to Izmir citizens
35 Izmir

Tunç SoyerQuarantine Call from Izmir!

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerNoting that the balance sheet has become heavier in the coronavirus epidemic, he emphasized that the measures should be tightened. Soyer also called for voluntary quarantine to citizens. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Council's fourth meeting in November. [more…]

young business people route sri lanka
35 Izmir

Young Business People's Route Sri Lanka

While foreign trade balances are further deteriorating during the corona crisis process, who are determined to be a little ointment for the bleeding wound EGİAD-The Aegean Young Businessmen Association provides consultancy to its members with the "Foreign Trade Envoys" program. [more…]