earthquake victims started to settle in long residences
35 Izmir

Earthquake Survivors Started to Settle in Residences in Uzundere

The residents of Izmir, who were damaged by the earthquake, started to settle in the residences in Uzundere allocated to the earthquake victims by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. Halit Sarper Keleş, one of the first residents of the residences in Uzundere, said, “The apartments have everything. Here we will start life from scratch. in tents [more…]

Railway to Nakhchivan from Kars
36 Kars

Railway to Nakhchivan from Kars

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu We are planning a railway to Nakhchivan after new developments in Azerbaijan. His study plan work continues. I hope there will be good developments there, he said. [more…]

advice to relieve constipation

10 Ways to Relieve Constipation

When constipation, which is a problem for everyone from time to time, becomes chronic, it begins to reduce the quality of life of the person. Large intestine tumors, hormonal disorders, drugs used, water-salt deficiencies, muscle and nervous system diseases can also cause constipation. [more…]