Earthquake Survivors Started to Settle in Residences in Uzundere

earthquake victims started to settle in long residences
earthquake victims started to settle in long residences

The residents of Izmir, who were damaged by the earthquake, started to settle in Uzundere, which was allocated by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality to earthquake victims. Halit Sarper Keleş, one of the first residents of the residences in Uzundere, said, “Apartments have everything. Here we will start life from scratch. I recommend that people staying in tents also come here ”.

The first keys of the flats in the residences of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which were offered free of charge to earthquake victims for a year in Uzundere, Karabağlar, were delivered. The earthquake survivors, who started to settle in apartments where all their needs from white goods to sofa sets were met, said that they were happy that their housing problems were solved quickly.

During an earthquake Bayraklı The couple Yasemin Yıldırım Keleş and Halit Sarper Keleş, who were in their home in Yağcıoğlu Sitesi, were under the rubble. The Keleş couple, who survived 10 minutes later by their own efforts, was treated in the hospital for a while. The couple, who took shelter in their neighbors because they lost their homes, then applied to settle in Uzundere residences.

Halit Sarper Keleş said, “I was the host. When I left the building after the earthquake, I didn't even have slippers on my feet. I lost everything. Here, the houses allocated to earthquake victims save our lives. Because it has items inside. The expenses such as electricity and water belong to the municipality. Everything is up to the refrigerator. "We will start from scratch in life here," he said. Stating that the allocation of houses to earthquake victims is appropriate, a very nice and necessary practice, Keleş said, “I liked the houses very much. I hope the people staying in the tents can also come this way. I recommend that earthquake victims come here ”.

"At least we will spend the winter here"

Earthquake Survivor Burcu Usta said, “Most of our house was damaged in the earthquake. They then demolished the building. "We moved in with our relatives after the earthquake," he said. Reminding that the weather is cold now, the Master said, “Winter is at the door. We came here to spend at least the winter months, as we also did not have a place to stay. This app is extremely good. We will be able to get items while leaving here. We didn't have any belongings left, ”he said.

"We don't need to buy anything"

Bulent Muammer Turan (62), who stated that he had a house in Özkanlar Apartment, also settled in the residences in Uzundere. Turan said, “My flat was on the ground. After the earthquake, there was damage all over the house. Later, our building was destroyed, ”he said. Living alone, Turan said: “I will live here. I am retired. No problem for me. It is also beautiful here. I looked at the house. Pretty good. We don't need to come and buy anything. Thank God the municipality has thought of everything. They took everything from glass to fork. Even the TV works when you press the button. Very good, very pleased. "

Applications continue to the apartments where five families have been settled so far. On the other hand, green space arrangements were made between the blocks within the scope of landscaping in Uzundere residences. The soil was also asphalted.

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