Ankaragücü Sports Club Tandoğan Facilities are Renovated

ankaragucu sports club tandogan facilities are being renovated
ankaragucu sports club tandogan facilities are being renovated

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality brings the Tandoğan Facilities of MKE Ankaragücü Sports Club to a new look. Many renovations have been carried out in Tandoğan Facilities, from synthetic grass fields to goal posts, from corner posts to bench stands. The Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs has also completed the asphalt works of the sports club parking area.

The support of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş for sports and athletes continues.

MKE Ankaragücü Sports Club Tandoğan Facilities' goal and corner posts, bench and synthetic grass field were renewed, and finally the asphalt works of the parking lot area were completed.


At MKE Ankaragücü Sports Club Tandoğan Facilities, firstly, as a result of the feverish and meticulous work of the Urban Aesthetics Department, the synthetic turf pitch, bench, castle and corner posts were renewed.

The teams, who have also completed the installation works, tile and plaster painting processes of the sports facility, spend a lot of time for electrical works.

The teams of the Department of Science Affairs completed the asphalt and road line works as well as the damaged garden border repair in the facility, while the pavement works of 70 meters will be carried out in a short time.


The Department of Urban Aesthetics will start the works for the renewal of the field lighting, the tribune, the dressing rooms and the wall surface coating, as well as the removal of the net around the field after the tender.

After the completion of all work in the facility where the seat upholstery will be placed by the teams of the Urban Maintenance and Repair Branch Directorate in the carpentry workshop, young footballers connected to the sports school and infrastructure of MKE Ankaragücü will have the opportunity to train under healthier conditions.

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