Heed WHO's Call For The Health Of Our Children

The new academic year of Covidien-19 on September 21 due to the outbreak while busy agenda that the news will start gradually, a Turkey expert citizens of masks to use due to the increase seen again in public in the case, continues to warn the point is to pay attention to the social distance and personal hygiene.

Because of Covidien-19 outbreak of the new academic year agenda that news will start gradually on September 21, heavily while busy, Turkey experts, citizens mask use due to rise again in public in the case, continue to stimulate the points to pay attention to the social distance and personal hygiene.

Arizon Medical Board Member Mehmet Özden, drawing attention to the warnings made by the World Health Organization (WHO / WHO) that wearing a mask for children between the ages of 6-11 will reduce the spread of the coronavirus; “Both adults and minors, that is, every member of the society, has a great responsibility to ensure that students who have been away from their schools since last March can return to their schools”.

Noting that citizens are complacent about the use of masks due to the summer season, Mehmet Özden said, “While the effects of Covid-19 continue all over the world, the use of masks in children is also of great importance with the opening of schools. "Children who are known to be at risk in the carrier group in spreading the virus should be encouraged to use masks for their own health and for environmental health, especially by their families."

"You can make children love the use of masks with colorful masks"

In order to encourage the use of masks in children, colored and patterned masks are more interesting to children in terms of being remarkable. The Arizo masks produced by Arizon Medikal appeal to the colorful world of children with their fun patterns and create a protection shield against Covid-19. Washable Arizon nano child masks can be used up to 50 washes. With the UTS Registration Certificate approved by the Ministry of Health and ISO and CE certificates, it is safely preferred by families for their children.

Arizon Medikal Board Member Mehmet Özden said, “As Arizon Medikal, children masks that provide a comfortable usage area in daily life and school environment and that will take place in the first place in school shopping with the start of the new education season; We offer it for sale in pharmacies, markets and online channels ”.

Hibya News Agency

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