Mediterranean Region

Turkey Hunting in marine fisheries Starting Dates Announced

The communiqués covering the regulations for commercial and amateur fishery fishing in seas and inland waters were published in the Official Gazette. Making a statement about these published communiqués and emphasizing that the communiqués will be implemented between 1/9/2020 and 31/8/2024, Tarım ve [more…]

07 Antalya

Symphonic Tunes Will Rise From the Ancient City of Patara

Symphonic melodies will rise from the historical atmosphere of Patara Ancient City, one of the unique beauties of Anatolia, the cradle of civilizations. The world-famous DJ Burak Yeter and the world-famous DJ Burak Yeter will be performing the music of the TV series La Casa De Papel in the magnificent concert where examples from world music will be performed with the symphony orchestra. [more…]

41 Kocaeli

Barrier-Free Service from the Park

TransportationPark, an affiliate of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, listens to its passengers and resolves their complaints in a minimum time thanks to the 'Passenger Relations Unit', which provides service 7 days a week. The Passenger Relations Unit, which works in coordination with the Metropolitan 153 Call Center, [more…]

35 Izmir

New Appointments at ESHOT

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality ESHOT General Directorate revised the organization chart. With the aim of increasing the service quality, changes were made at the level of departments. ESHOT General Directorate, which is the lifeblood of public transportation in Izmir, both revised its organization chart and [more…]


Drilling and seismic research ship for Turkey

Turkey's maritime area of ​​each location of important tasks of our drilling and seismic research vessel for the way they came out with an energy independent country in search password. Kanuni Drilling Ship is a stronger development of hydrocarbon exploration and drilling activities in the Eastern Mediterranean. [more…]


The Battle of Malazgirt and Its Results

The Battle of Malazgirt is the battle that took place between the Great Seljuk Ruler Alparslan and the Byzantine Emperor Roman Diogenes on 26 August 1071. The Battle of Malazgirt, which ended with the victory of Alp Arslan, was "the last battle that gave the Turks a decisive victory at the gates of Anatolia". [more…]

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