Number of Unionized Workers Reach 1.9 Million

the number of unionized workers reached million
Photograph: Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services

Family, Labor and Social Services Minister Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk made statements regarding the statistics of labor unions published in the Official Gazette. Minister Selçuk stated that according to the statistics for July 2020, the unionization rate was 13,66 percent.

Stating that the total number of workers reached 14.2 million and the number of union member workers reached 1.9 million, Minister Selçuk pointed out that compared to January 2020, the total number of workers increased by 394.854 and the number of union members increased by 28.272.

Reminding that 6356 unions are operating within the scope of Law No. 190, Minister Selçuk noted that 2020 new unions were established in the January-July 10 period, and the number of trade unions that exceeded the business line threshold by 1 percent reached 57.

Underlining that trade unions and confederations play an important role in Turkey's growth and empowerment, Minister Selçuk: Of course, our greatest wish is for these rates to rise to much higher levels and for all our workers to become unionized. We feel stronger with our workers, and we take our working life to a higher level with our workers. We know; Our workers represent labor and sweat.

Emphasizing that they embraced labor, productivity and devotion in every sense, Selçuk said that with this understanding, they strive to defend their rights in every medium.

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