Common Road of 20 Neighborhoods Completed in Samsun

The common road of the neighborhood has been completed
The common road of the neighborhood has been completed

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality has completed the 20-month concrete road works on Demirci and Yukari Avdan group road connecting 4 neighborhoods. Neighborhood residents thanked President Mustafa Demir for resolving years of road problems.

Demirci and Yukari Avdan district of Samsun's Ilkadim District solved the problem of muddy roads in winter and dust in summer. The works that were started 4 months ago with the order of Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Demir were completed and the group road connecting 20 neighborhoods was opened for use. Metin Köksal, Head of the Department of Science Affairs, said, “The road width, which was 4 meters, was increased to 9 meters. Stone fortifications of 150 meters in length and 40 meters in height were made at 60 different points on the road of 7 thousand 300 meters where 20 thousand cubic meters of split, 250 thousand cubic meters of excavation and 4 thousand cubic meters of fill were made. Good luck to our neighborhoods. ”

The people of the neighborhood, who experienced great joy with the opening of the road, opened a banner by thanking Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Demir. Saying that they cannot stop mud in the winter and mud in the summer, Yukari Avdan Neighborhood Headman Salim Yeşilova said, “Our Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Demir did not ignore our suffering. Our way has been done. We got rid of the mud and dust trouble we had for years. ”

The headman of Demirci District Hasan Aug said, “We live here with peach cultivation. In our peach orchards, the fruits were getting white due to dust. We had difficulty in delivering to the market because there was no road. However, thanks to our president and his team, we got rid of this frustration. We thank everyone who contributed, ”he said.

I wouldn't believe it if i dreamed

Şeref Kara, one of the residents of the neighborhood, said: “I thought we would see such a road only in dreams, but it came true. This is a busy road. There were problems at the transportation point. Our vehicles were malfunctioning on rough roads. Now our road suffering is over. ”

We have experienced victimization for years

Nihat Akdağ, one of the residents who stated that they had been victimized for years, said, “I am 62 years old. Until this time, both our vehicles and we have been very victimized because of the road. When it rained, we were working on roads with pickaxe and shovel. We were in the dust and smoke. ”

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