Health Assessment Training Started

Quality Assessment Training for Health Started
Quality Assessment Training for Health Started

Deputy Minister of Health Dr. Mohammad Trust, conducted by video conference 'Turkey Hospital Health Quality Standards Set attended the opening program Inservice Training.

Deputy Minister of Trust, in his speech, in 2003, the Health Transformation Program foundation laid by 'Turkey Standards of Quality in Health (SCS) Hospital Set Service Training' program, he said it was an important link in the health quality work.

Health quality standards (SKS) and quality indicators of Turkey, indicating that trust forms the basis of the Health Quality System, "Surely the best way of applying these standards and indicators to ensure patient and staff safety. It will increase satisfaction with health services. Fortunately, after 17 years in the international arena is no longer available, we have to mention the existence of a Turkey Quality in Health Systems will serve as an example to the world possible, "the assessment found.

Noting that it is important to publish standards, guidelines and rules as well as their implementation, Deputy Minister Güven said that it is important to assess and monitor the status of these practices on site.

Speaking to the quality evaluators trained within the scope of the intended purpose, Güven said:

“Quality assessments for all public and private healthcare institutions are carried out meticulously by you, our quality assessors trained by our Ministry. SKS assessment of the effectiveness of Turkey we are to achieve the goals of the Health Quality Systems and nature always to strive together to move to the top spot. First of all, we need to continue our efforts to ensure that evaluations are carried out equally and in line with the principles of impartiality. ”

Reminding that SKS evaluations have been suspended due to the pandemic, Güven said, “During the pandemic process, we have seen that quality coordinatorships and quality directorates have played an important role in epidemic management both at the provincial level and in our hospitals. This situation stems from the fact that quality is an area open to continuous improvement, change and innovation, and it shows how important the concept is. ”

Deputy Minister Güven reported that a new version of the Health Quality Standards for hospitals was released in March.

SKS Hospital (P.6) Internet Based In-Service Training will be held between 08-28 July.

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