Soldier Farewells Banned in 8 Cities

They were banned from serving soldiers in the province
They were banned from serving soldiers in the province

Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca made statements at the press conference held after the Coronary Science Committee Meeting.

Stating that the epidemic agenda of the world continues in his statement, Minister Koca said, “We are in the days when we need to add strength to our strength. We are in a good place in the continuation of a long struggle. But every day we stop where we are, is lost. ”

Pointing out that many countries' health system is in danger of collapse, Koca said, “In the welfare societies, peace has taken its place in turmoil. Although the condition of our country is good in many ways, our pain continues on the night of March 11, when we announced our first loss of life, ”he said.

Mask recommendation

Underlining that it is possible to avoid coronavirus, Koca stated that the virus that caused the disease was transmitted through breathing, and the mask is an important measure accepted worldwide. Noting that the mask alone is insufficient at close range, Koca said, “Distance rule is therefore an indisputable measure all over the world. Hand cleaning is an indispensable rule. The world shows whatever success against the spread of the disease to the extent that it can comply with these rules. ”

Referring to the spreading rates of the disease today, Koca made the following warnings: “Engagement ceremonies, weddings, condolences, market places, shopping malls, public transportation, military farewells, beaches and beaches. Open or closed, but crowded, other common spaces. Those who go on holiday should know that the Kovid-19 measures are in favor of vacationers. If those who move away from the crowd of big cities do not prefer other crowds and apply the distance rule too much, we will be grateful.

At weddings, even the fear of casting a shadow tomorrow's joy should be enough to comply with the measures alone. Funerals, condolences, and seasons should not cause new suffering. Neither farewell nor farewell should take any risks in the farewell of the soldiers. Respect for health and the duty of the country makes it necessary. Our youth are responsible for Mehmetçik, whose test is positive. ”

“It was forbidden to send off troops in 8 provinces”

Pointing out that the state has implemented some measures, the Minister of Health, Koca said, “It is forbidden to send off soldiers in 8 provinces. Our religious officials; initiated a study to prevent risks related to funeral, condolence, mevlit, and mass worship. Our security forces take measures involving sanctions in market places. In the ceremonies such as weddings and engagements, there is a preparation for 'observer' on behalf of public health.

He stated that the Ministry of Health, especially the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services, Ministry of National Defense, Ministry of Culture and Tourism are in cooperation against the risks that are specific to today, and that the aim is to implement the measures more widely.

Stating that the length of the struggle caused complacency like all over the world, Koca said, “Let's face it, the length of the struggle caused partial compassion in our country as well as all over the world, but we have proved that we can recover from the decline in the last 10 days. Our new case numbers are at 1000 levels ”.

Minister Fahrettin Koca pointed out that the countries where the disease is on the rise now are pessimistic for autumn and continued his words as follows:

“It is inevitable that we take this into account. Fighting the Kovid-19 outbreak is part of our lives. But life is bigger than that. Let us give the right to life while giving our struggle. As long as we follow the rules. Optimists and those who love life have the power to fight. Let's be aware. There is a tiredness on us. The cause of this fatigue is this epidemic. Let's get rid of this fatigue. Let's protect our place in the fight. If we leave, let's take our place again. Let's be one of 83 million against the epidemic. ”

The importance of fillation

Stating that they care about the studies of the radiation, Koca said, “One of the most important elements of the control of the epidemic is the field contact screening, that is, it is possible to perform the isolation in the early period with the contact screening by going down to the focus where the positive case is found, and to differentiate the group of patients with symptoms and to start their early treatment. what makes it an important work. I can say that we have reached up to 99,4 percent here and that 1 million 364 thousand 614 people have been scanned in this sense and that our average duration of radiation has been 48 hours from the beginning, now it has decreased to 26 hours on average and 12 hours in the last weeks. ”

Saying that the duration of the stay in the average intensive care unit decreases gradually with the success of the treatment, Koca stated that the hospitalization period of this table decreased from 21-22 days to 3 days, and the average intensive care periods decreased from 18-20 days to 2 days.

Koca said, “7 provinces with the highest number of cases with the average of the last three days are Istanbul, Ankara, Gaziantep, Konya, Mardin, Diyarbakır, Şanlıurfa. In addition, 3 provinces with the least number of cases in the last 7 days used Tunceli, Artvin, Iğdır, Erzincan, Bayburt, Kırklareli and Bilecik, respectively.

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