New Disinfection Machines at Metrobus Stations

New Disinfection Machines at Metrobus stations
New Disinfection Machines at Metrobus stations

As of March 4, disinfection devices were installed in Metrobus stations within the scope of coronavirus measures. Keeping the 3 liter-capacity devices fully used by the public consistently created a separate logistics burden. IETT Support Services Department produced 10-liter capacity disinfection machines in Engine Renovation and Bodywork Workshops. 100 manufactured machines are placed in Metrobus stations.

Before the coronavirus epidemic, new disinfection machines are installed on the Metrobus line, which carries around 44 million 1 thousand passengers a day at 50 stations. Within the scope of the corona measures, small disinfecting devices with a capacity of 4 liters were placed at all station entrances on March 2020, 3. The devices used intensely during the day became empty on some days before the evening filling time came. IETT Support Services Department, which developed a project for the solution of the problem, managed to manufacture disinfection machines equipped with sensors, with a capacity of 10 lire, in the workshop in İkitelli. The machines, whose main body is made of stainless steel, are designed for outdoor use. All kinds of disinfectant materials can be used in the devices that spray the disinfected liquid automatically when you hold it under your hand.

100 of 58 disinfection machines produced entirely by IETT staff were placed in Metrobus stations. Some of the remaining machines will be placed in IETT Garages and offered to the use of IETT staff. In addition, it will be placed from the machines of Tünel's Karaköy and Beyoğlu entrances and exits.

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