Penalty for Those Who Make Disturbing Music in Ankara Metro

punishment for those who make annoying music in ankara subways
punishment for those who make annoying music in ankara subways

It has been observed that there are some negative situations that have disturbed our citizens recently in Metro, which is one of the public transportation vehicles of EGO.

According to the "Rail and Rope Systems Passenger Transport Directive", which came into force with the Decision No. 09/2020 of the EGO General Directorate Administrative Board regarding the behaviors that should not be performed on trains;

At the stations and trains, action and behavior cannot be made and noise can not be made disturbing other passengers. Otherwise, the amount to be applied in accordance with Article 36 of the Law on Misdemeanors and 20 full boarding penalties; In cases where there is no regulation, 20 full boarding penalties are applied.

Again, except for the places permitted by our Administration, it is forbidden to make music and collect money in exchange for stations and trains. Otherwise, 50 full boarding fees will be applied.

In this context, we kindly request that our citizens show the necessary sensitivity in terms of not taking action and behavior on the trains, disturbing other passengers, not making noise, and not collecting money by making music without permission.

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