Public Transportation in Malatya Free of Charge

malatyada free of charge during public holidays
malatyada free of charge during public holidays

Malatya Metropolitan Municipality has completed preparations for Eid al-Adha. During the Eid al-Adha which will be celebrated between 31 July and 3 August, some measures were taken by the Malatya Metropolitan Municipality to prevent citizens from having problems.

Speaking about the measures taken and the preparations made, Metropolitan Mayor Selahattin Gürkan said that they have taken all necessary measures to enable our citizens to spend the Eid al-Adha comfortably, peacefully and safely.

Mayor Gürkan, who gave the good news that the public transportation vehicles of the Metropolitan Municipality of MOTAŞ will carry free transportation during the feast, said, “Our private public buses will operate on a paid basis during the holiday. The municipal trams and buses will be free during the feast. Under the Covid-19 measures, it is forbidden to ride the vehicles without a mask. In addition, MOTAŞ will be providing free additional flights to the City Cemetery Line starting from Thursday (July 31st) and citizens will be able to reach the cemetery more comfortably. ”

Related units will work overtime during the feast

Mayor Gürkan pointed out that the Metropolitan Municipality units will continue their activities on a 7/24 basis in order to ensure that citizens spend their holidays more comfortably and smoothly. Citizens will be able to call the Call Center's 444 51 44 phone number if necessary. The call center affiliated to Malatya Water and Sewerage Administration General Directorate will continue to serve. Citizens will be able to report their complaints about water and sewage by calling the call center numbers 185 and 377 74 44. Wastewater Treatment Plant teams will continue to provide uninterrupted service. Water and Sewerage Breakdown teams will continue to serve during the feast. Water analysis and analysis will also be carried out with the teams on duty created by the Laboratory Unit. ”

Streets and streets and mosque courtyards will be washed

Metropolitan Municipality will also wash the main streets by cleaning. The courtyards of the mosques on the main street and the places to perform the Bayram prayers will be washed and the necessary maintenance and cleaning will be carried out around the mosques. After the necessary cleaning is done around the City Cemetery, Cemetery Mosque and the Martyrdom, rose water will be squeezed.

In addition, setback personnel will be prevented during the holiday and any setbacks that may occur will be prevented. The excavation casting site and the waste dump site will be kept open during the holiday and the works will continue.

Studies are carried out to discipline the traffic flow.

Metropolitan Municipality is working to discipline traffic flow in order to prevent congestion due to Eid al-Adha. Road Services in the main arteries, pontoon and plate renovation works are continuing continuously by the Traffic Services Branch Directorate of the Transportation Services Department. It was stated that the necessary measures will be taken in advance in order to prevent any problems at the entrance and exit of the City Cemetery.

Günceleme: 30/07/2020 16:09

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