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groupe renault turnover billion billion euros in the first half of the year
groupe renault turnover billion billion euros in the first half of the year

KIA, the brand of Çelik Motor, one of the Anadolu Group companies, facilitates the lives of those who want to buy a new car or light commercial vehicle with the “KIA Online Dealer” service during the Covid-19 epidemic.

KIA brand car owner who wants to be, he wants Turkey in general over kia.com.t can start the process of KIA vehicles in which you want to display a few steps in consultation with the trade.

KIA continues its digital services to its customers without slowing down during the Covid-19 epidemic period. KIA, which has launched the "Video Call" service in the past months, provides the opportunity to start a KIA dealer online with its smart phones or computers, by offering the opportunity to visit the KIA dealer they wish on their smartphones or computers, with the "Online Dealer" application, which is a continuation of this service. .

Visitors who reach detailed information about their preferred model from KIA authorized dealers can carry out the price negotiation of the vehicle they like online and also fill the order form online. The vehicle, which is liked by the consumer, is delivered by KIA authorized salesperson by taking care of all hygiene measures, by signing on the order form at the point of the customer wishes.

KIA, which analyzes the needs of its customers and continues to work to make their lives easier, accelerates its digital processes with the "Online Dealer" service. kazanyelling.

Like your KIA now, start paying after 3 months, your car to your door

KIA continues its campaign, which offers a 3-month deferred payment opportunity for those who want to own a car, in July. Those who want to own a new vehicle within the framework of the campaign, which includes the popular models of KIA, can benefit from the payment after three months.

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