Covid-19 Super Hero Technology Award given to IMM

covid super hero technology prize awarded
covid super hero technology prize awarded

IMM, which facilitates the lives of Istanbul residents with the technological solutions and processes it has developed during the COVID-19 epidemic, received the “COVID-19 Superhero Technology Award”. The award was given by Dr. İBB IT Department Head. Naim Erol was given to Özgüner.

Combating the epidemic by actively using the information processing processes during the COVID-19 outbreak, IMM received an international award. One of the publications of Accent Info Media, one of the leading technology and media centers of South Asia and MEA, the “COVID-19 Superhero Technology Award”, which was awarded in partnership with Enterprise IT MEA, by the participation initiative of the ITNA, Dr. İBB IT Department Head. Naim Erol was given to Özgüner.

The awards were given to powerful technology leaders of the region, who took responsibility during the pandemic and tried to fulfill their duties to the public. Dr. Özgüner received the award with services such as Coronavirus Information Portal, Suspended Billing Application, Disabled Automation System, Yenikapı Aid and Coordination Center Information Infrastructure Installation and Coranavirus Emergency Response Platform, which were implemented by IMM Information Technologies during the pandemic.

Award-winning Dr. Özgüner said, “As İBB, our President Ekrem İmamoğluWe have accomplished many projects in different fields with the vision of 'Istanbul', and mentioned that they have produced dynamic and socially embracing projects by using technology under extraordinary conditions, and that these projects are an indicator of the importance that IMM attaches to Istanbulites.

Özgüner said, `` 'The COVID-9 epidemic, affecting more than 400 million people in the world and causing more than 19 thousand people to die, has also caused problems in the global workflow, along with human loss and psychological scars. "I would like to thank my team for an extraordinary performance to support Istanbul residents to continue their business during mandatory measures such as quarantine throughout the pandemic period."

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