Passenger Train and Freight Train Collide in Czechia 1 Dead, 35 Injured

Two train carpets are wounded in cekya
Two train carpets are wounded in cekya

A passenger train and a freight train collided in Czech Republic. Many people were injured while one person died in the accident.

KazanIt was stated that it occurred in Cesky Brod, 34 kilometers east of the capital Prague, on Tuesday evening. Throughout the night, rescuers worked to rescue passengers from the wreckage.

According to the statement made by the fire brigade, at least 35 people were injured in the accident. It was stated that two of the injured were "serious" and eight were "serious".

This was the second fatal train crash in Czech Republic this month. On July 7, two trains broke up on the German border of the country and 2 people died. (T24)

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