Forest Fire in Balçova is Partially Under Control

The forest fire in Balcova has been partially under control
Photo: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Fire Brigade also participated in the fire extinguishing works that started in the forest area near Balçova Dam and grew in a short time. Due to a fire that has not yet been determined, the cable car facilities at the top of the mountain have been closed and the entrance of civil vehicles to the area has been blocked. General Secretary of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality. Buğra Gökçe, Balçova District Governor Ahmet Hamdi Usta and Balçova Mayor Fatma Çalkaya also went to the fire zone and received information about the extinguishing works.

11 firefighters, 12 plotters and 54 tankers, who are affiliated with the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Fire Department, are participating in the fire extinguishing works that affect an area of ​​15-50 football fields.

Simultaneously with the fire in Balcova, the Metropolitan Fire Brigade also intervenes in the fire near the petrochemical facilities in Aliaga.

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