Çakmak TEM Connection Road Opened

cakmak tem connection road opened
Photo: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality

İBB opened Çakmak TEM Connection Road, which will save drivers 45 minutes in traffic. With the opening of the road built to solve the density in Ankara direction, fuel saving as well as traffic safety will be provided. A thousand 850 tons of asphalt was poured for a one-lane road with a total length of 100 meters, 25 thousand cubic meters of excavation and excavation work was carried out.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) has completed one of its projects that will breathe city traffic. By opening the high-density Çakmak TEM connection road in Ümraniye, he relieved the journeys in the direction of Ankara. With the opening of the connection road, the traffic load in the Tepeüstü Junction area was reduced.


During the construction of the connection road, 510 cubic meters of concrete were poured. A total of 810 meters of pedestrians and 704 meters of railings were built. It was manufactured in 235 square meters of warfare against rain and snow water, while a 1700 square meter v channel was put into service. With the commissioning of the project, drivers were given approximately 45 minutes of time.


Seyfullah Demirel, Head of IMM Road Maintenance and Infrastructure Coordination Department, said the following after the road was opened:

“Our citizens who will use this line will save fuel as well as traffic safety and comfort. In this way, environmental pollution will be prevented. Our project was constructed as a single strip of 850 meters length, 25 thousand cubic meters of excavation and excavation work, thousand 100 tons of asphalt, 4 thousand 900 cubic meters of stone wall manufacturing, thousand160 square meters of earth (reinforced ground wall) production and infrastructure of 720 meters of rainwater line. we bring our participation arm to our city. I would like to thank everyone who contributed. As the Metropolitan Municipality, our biggest goal is to make the lives of our people easier and to provide them with a high standard of well-being. ”


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