Bird Watching Tower Opened to the Service of the People of Kırklareli!

The bird watching tower opened to the service of the people of kirklareli
Photo: Trakya Development Agency

Within the scope of the project supported by Trakya Development Agency and carried out by Kırklareli Branch Directorate of Nature Conservation and National Parks, "Bird Watching Tower" was built in İğneada Longoz Ormanları Milli Park.

Deputy Selahattin Minsolmaz, Governor of Kırklareli Osman Bilgin, Governor of Demirköy Cafer Ekinci, Mayor of Demirköy Recep Gün, Secretary General of Kırklareli Provincial Administration Bilal Kuşoğlu, Invitees and press members attended the project closing meeting. Governor Osman Bilgin, who made a statement about the opening of the Bird Watching Tower, made efforts to visit the forests that attracted attention with its natural beauty, hiking trails and the animal population it hosted, by more local and foreign tourists. It touched. In the continuation of the scholar's statement, he said: '' İğneada longoz forests are among the rare places worth seeing in the world. This is a place that stands out with its sea, agro and history. We have made a birdwatching tower for flooded forests, one of the rare forests in the world, and offered it to our citizens. This unique beauty can now be seen more easily by watching the birds in the forest from the tower. We cannot describe the beauty of flooded, those who see and live here know. We have built a birdwatching tower by our governorship with Trakya Development Agency, Nature Conservation and National Parks Branch. Someone who came to longos before could not see many of the beauties. Now the tower and the birds here and the wonder of nature have become visible. We invite everyone to our city. You can watch the birds in our forests from the tower. Igneada is home to many riches. We expect to see and feel these beauties. ''

Within the scope of the project, the Bird Watching Tower, direction and information signs and other visibility materials were placed in İğneada Longoz Ormanları Milli Park. Thanks to this investment, it is aimed to spread tourism throughout the year and increase the attractiveness of the field, thereby contributing to increasing tourism revenues of Kırklareli.

The project has a total budget of 442.444 TL and 331.832 TL of the project has been met by Trakya Development Agency.

📩 28/07/2020 16:26

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