İDO Increased Fast Ferry, Car Ferry and Sea Bus Services Before Feast

İDO Increased Fast Ferry, Car Ferry and Sea Bus Services Before Feast
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İDO continued all precautions against the coronavirus epidemic due to the Eid al-Adha holiday and increased its pre-feast flights. İDO offers a safe travel with hygiene measures while increasing its flights on fast ferries, car ferries and sea buses before the feast that will start on Friday, July 31 and end on Monday, August 3.

Offering its guests the pleasure of sea voyage in the safest way with speed, safety and comfort privileges accompanied by the precautions and measures taken against the coronavirus outbreak, İDO increased its pre-feast trips due to the Eid al-Adha holiday. İDO tickets, which increase the number of flights before the Festival of Sacrifice, which will start on Friday, July 31 and end on Monday, August 3, are offered for sale at affordable prices as “Summer Schedule”.

Safe travel with precautions

İDO continues to periodically disinfect the contact points in its ships and terminals to offer a safe journey to its guests during their pre-feast travels. Passengers who receive the HEPP code at the ticket sales stage are constantly queried with their HEPP codes, preventing those at risk for Covid 19 from being admitted to the trip, ensuring that passengers travel without risk.

At the entrance of the terminal, all visitors are measured with contactless thermometers. While it is obligatory for guests to wear masks during their travels, the use of visors and gloves are provided for the cleaning and security officers working at the terminals, food / beverage shops and rental area employees according to the characteristics of their masks and jobs.

Healthy ventilation and healthy travel

IDO also provides the healthiest use of ventilation systems, which are important for a comfortable travel, with the increase of heat in the summer months. Heating / Cooling ventilation systems need to give 19 percent fresh air from the outside to prevent the risk of Covid XNUMX contamination. İDO, which uses ventilation systems that cool down by delivering XNUMX percent fresh air from the outside, provides a comfortable breathing to its passengers by providing a healthy travel environment.

About our timetable isYou can get detailed information from the sales points in our IDO Mobile Application and terminals. Our tickets sold through the “2020 Summer Timetable” is ve the You can obtain it by using IDO toll booths, İDO call center at 0850 222 44 36, İDO agency points or İDO mobile application.

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