Modernization Activities of M60T Tanks Completed

Modernization activities of mt tanks have been completed
Modernization activities of mt tanks have been completed

The Presidency of Defense Industry of Turkey (SSB) announced that the modernization activities of the M60T tanks in the Turkish Land Forces inventory have been completed.

President of the Presidential Defense Industry. Dr. İsmail Demir examined the new technologies and capabilities introduced into the M60T tanks that were modernized as part of the Fırat Project. During his visit to ASELSAN, President Demir, Chairman and General Manager of ASELSAN Professor. Dr. He received detailed information about the project from Haluk Görgün and the authorities. Demir, who examined the new systems integrated into an M60T tank that was modernized within the scope of the Fırat Project, made statements on the subject.

Indicating that this tank was necessarily modernized in Israel during the times when the defense industry was dependent on abroad, Demir said that there are more elements added to this tank beyond that modernization. Stating that threats, warnings, warning systems, various imaging systems and countermeasure systems have been placed on the tank with the studies carried out in ASELSAN, Demir said, “More importantly, active protection systems in only three countries in the world are located in this tank. This is a very good indication of where we came in our defense industry. This tank has become a tank that few countries in the world can achieve with these features. This also means that we have implemented a number of systems that we use and will use in the Altay tank. This means that this tank is included in the class of the most capable tanks in the world with the capabilities it gains. ”

Demir continued his words as follows: “We stand in front of a modern tank with fire control systems and management systems, as well as active protection systems that are used beyond the armor. Even before that Turkey's use of the old tank inventory modernized and we are experiencing a process involved in making a very gifted. In addition to the M60 tank, the modernization process of the Leopard tanks in the inventory continues. During this modernization process, some studies, such as the supply of armor from outside, were developed in a much shorter time than the calendar given about the supply period, and were implemented in these tanks. Following the M60s, Leopards will continue to be modernized in parallel. Thus, while mass production of our Altay tank continues, these tanks will be modernized and entered the most capable tanks class in the world. We would like to thank all employees who contributed in this regard. We would like to thank ASELSAN, TÜBİTAK SAGE, ROKETSAN, other defense industry companies, all of our companies that manufacture armored vehicles that build vehicles and tanks. And we hope that they will launch much better products and give them to the inventory of our army.


The Fırat Project was launched in May 2017 by the Presidency Defense Industry Presidency in order to protect the main combat tanks in the inventory of the Turkish Armed Forces more effectively against anti-tank threats and terrorist elements, and to provide additional capabilities to existing systems. Aselsan modernization of 169 M60T tanks was realized within the scope of the project. All M60T tanks in the inventory have been upgraded to the M60TM configuration. These tank integration activities were carried out in our border regions with the great sacrifices of SSB, Land Forces Command and Aselsan personnel.

While the Project Olive Branch and Euphrates Shield Operations were ongoing, it was immediately implemented and our modernized tanks were made available to our army. Within the scope of M60T modernization, one of the most modern tanks in the world was obtained. The tanks' close-to-medium range shooting capability, close-to-long distance survivability and defense capabilities, as well as the ability to maintain the tank and personnel have been upgraded.

It was reported by the tanker personnel who participated in Barış Pınarı, Olive Branch and Euphrates Shield Operation, following the modernization of ASELSAN, the tanks achieved great success against ATGM anti-tank missiles and at the same time, the operational capabilities of the tanks were increased in the residential area. The modernized tanks are still actively working.

During the modernization of the M60T tanks to the M60TM configuration, the following system integrations were performed on the tank:

  • Laser Warning System
  • Remote Command Weapon System
  • Telescopic Periscope System
  • Position and Orientation Detection System
  • Close Distance Surveillance System
  • Tank Driver Vision System
  • Protection Liner
  • Air Conditioning System
  • Auxiliary Current System
  • PULAT Active Protection System

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