1800 Armored Vehicles were delivered to the Security Forces

Armored vehicles were delivered to the security forces
Armored vehicles were delivered to the security forces

Speaking at the evaluation meeting of the second year of the Presidential Government System, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan provided information on the latest situation regarding ongoing defense industry projects. Erdogan explained in his speech that 1800 armored vehicles were delivered to the security forces in the last two years.

At the Land Systems Seminar held in November 2018, important information was included in the presentation of Security Vehicles and Special Vehicle Projects by the Defense Industry (SSB) Land Vehicles Department. It was announced in the projects that the supply of 5831 vehicles in different configurations was planned.

Open source data on deliveries

MPG continues the delivery of the 8 × 8 rescue vehicle M4K. After the prototype delivery, the deliveries in the serial production period continue as part of the Mine Resistant Partial Protected Savior (MKKKK) project developed by MPG Makine Production Group. 8 more M4K, Partially Protected Rescuer (MKKKK) vehicles were delivered from May.

According to the information obtained by Defense Turk; After 2020 prototype and 1 first serial production deliveries in March 4, mass production deliveries continued in April 2020. In this context, 5 more Mines with Partial Protection Against M4K vehicles were delivered to the security forces in April. With the delivery of the last 8 vehicles, a total of 18 vehicles were delivered. MKKKK vehicles have been actively used since the day they entered the Land Forces Command's inventory. A total of 29 M4K vehicles will be supplied under the contract.

Deliveries of 184 tracked and 76 wheeled vehicles to be procured under the Weapon Carrier Vehicle (STA) Project continue.

Within the scope of the Gun Carrier Vehicles Project, 26+ Kaplan-10 STA vehicles were delivered to the Land Forces Command. The PARS 4 × 4 vehicle under the contract will be delivered with OMTAS missile gun turrets.

Within the scope of Aktik Wheeled Armored Vehicles (TTZA) Project, within the scope of anti-terrorism and border missions; Will be able to perform the tasks of sensitive point or facility protection, patrol patrol, convoy protection, region, point and road discovery, physical border security, 512 for KKK, J.Gn.K. It is planned to supply a total of 200 BMC Hitting TTZAs, 1 for the Coast Guard and 713 for the Coast Guard Command.

4+ units of Vuran 4 × 230 TTZAs developed by BMC were delivered to the forces.

Tactical Wheeled Vehicles-2 (TTA-2) Project: 230 BMC Hedgehogs II with Internally Commanded Weapon System feature in order to effectively fight terrorism, to move personnel safely and rapidly, to provide effective and continuous combat and combat service support to maneuvering elements. delivery is complete. (It is planned to supply 329 vehicles for KKK and 200 vehicles for J.Gn.K.)

Within the scope of the New Generation Criminal Investigation Tool (KIRAÇ) Project, 120 criminal investigation tools were planned to be procured from Katmerciler. Later, the scope of the project was revised.

In this section; Within the scope of the project started by the Presidency of Defense Industry, a total of 20 Kıraç, 40 closed-type crime scene crime scene vehicles, 60 armored and 385 unarmoured, and mission equipment to be used in criminal investigation activities will be produced by Katmerciler On-Vehicle Equipment Industry and Trade Inc.

Within the scope of the project, the first 2020 'KIRAÇ' were delivered in April 6.

EGM Armored Tactical Vehicle-1 (EGM ZTA-1) Project 280 Ejder Yalçın III were delivered in the project of urgent supply of vehicles reported by EGM and J.Gn.K.K. (180 EGM + 100 J.G.

EGM Armored Tactical Vehicle-2 (EGM ZTA-2) Project Within the project of urgent supply of vehicles reported by EGM and J.Gn.K., a total of 337 (220 EGM + 17 EGM + 100 pieces J.Gn.K. Delivery of the vehicle to our security forces has been completed.

Katmerciler and ASELSAN completed 'ATEŞ' deliveries to security forces

Two important organizations of the Turkish defense industry have joined forces for the armored mobile border security vehicle, Ateş. Delivery of Armored Mobile Border Surveillance Vehicle Ateş, which was launched in cooperation with Katmerciler and ASELSAN, the leading defense technology company of our country, to security forces has been completed. The first batch of 20 projects of the project was held to the Ministry of Interior in May 2019. The armored mobile border security vehicle, which was formed by the combination of Katmerciler and ASELSAN's forces, was produced and delivered in total from Ateş.

BMC 8 × 8 Tuğra tank carrier vehicles were delivered to TSK

Following the qualification process carried out by BMC; Within the scope of the Tank Carrier Project, delivery of 72 vehicles to the Turkish Armed Forces was completed in 2019. BMC Tuğra tank carrier vehicles are actively used in the border regions, especially in the ongoing operations in Syria / Idlib region by the TAF.

Vehicles to be Supplied

Within the scope of the New Generation Light Armored Vehicles Project, the Land Forces Command has increased armor protection level and movement capacity, equipped with advanced command control systems, detecting the enemy from the maximum distance, active and passive protection systems that can fire with appropriate weapon systems through automatic firing systems. 52 light armored wheeled vehicles (2962X6 and 6X8) and light armored tracked vehicles of 8 different types will be supplied.

Within the scope of the Special Purpose Tactical Wheeled Armored Vehicle (ÖZMTTZA) Project, 100 (30 commands and 45 sensor discovery) in order to carry out tactical level reconnaissance, surveillance and KBRN reconnaissance tasks, to convey the obtained information to command centers and friendly units in full and in real time. The supply of 15 radars, 5 KBRN reconnaissance and 5 armored combat vehicles for J.Gn.K.) 6X6 and 8X8 armored vehicles from FNSS is planned.

FNSS made advance payments to TÜMOSAN within the scope of the OMTTZA Project

Negotiations began between TÜMOSAN and FNSS for domestic and national engines to be used in the OMTTZA Project on October 18, 2018. On 4 April 2019, the Presidency of the Turkish Presidency for Defense Industries (SSB) and FNSS Savunma Sistemleri A.Ş. Within the scope of the Special Purpose Tactical Wheeled Armored Vehicles Project contract signed between (FNSS), TÜMOSAN Motor and Traktör Sanayi A.Ş. for the engines to be supplied to be integrated into the 100 Special Purpose Tactical Wheeled Armored Vehicles to be delivered by the FNSS to the Turkish Armed Forces. (TÜMOSAN) and FNSS Savunma Sistemleri A.Ş. It included 25 engine procurement and integrated logistics support services on December 2019, 100, and the Contract for Domestic Engine Supply Subcontractor, which was 72 months including contract warranty period.

Within the scope of the 8X8, 10X10, 12X12 Wheeled Tank Carrier, Container Carrier and Rescue Vehicle Project, 8 vehicles with 8X10, 10X12, 12X476 wheel configurations are planned to provide combat service support to increase the mobility of the Land Forces Command. (134 Tank Carrier Vehicles, 65 Container Carrier and 277 Rescuer Vehicles)

Source: defanceturk

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