ASELSAN goes down the tracks

ASELSAN rail coming down to: a fact that is located in the world's forefront of Turkey's rail system investments. Binali Yıldırım, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, who made a speech at the opening of the Eurasia Rail International Rail, Light Rail Systems, Infrastructure and Logistics Fair that started today, stated that the investment amount made in this field in the last 10 year is about 20 billion dollars. Yildirim said that in the next 10 year, 40 is planning another $ 1 billion investment.
This year 6. Eurasia Rail Fair, which once opened its doors, became a fair in which many companies from Europe and Asia participated with their stands in line with its name. 30 300 exhibitors from the country exhibited a variety of companies in the fair, the rail system was actually a sector that is much larger than supposed. bringing new high-speed trains in Turkey CAFE outside Siemens, Bombardier, Alstom, international manufacturers such as Hyundai Roterm caught our attention as the company with the largest booth at the fair. In addition, many domestic and foreign companies also introduced signaling, electrification, vehicle infrastructure systems, locomotives, ventilation and vacuum cleaning systems.
One of the new names among these firms was Aselsan, whom we know with the products and solutions developed for the defense industry. It was clear that Aselsan was preparing to enter a serious competition with other companies in the fair in the area of ​​product and technology. According to the information we received from the Aselsan authorities at the stand, the studies for the transportation sector started in September. However, the point reached in a short time deserves appreciation.
What does Aselsan offer for the railway world?
The company offers six different products and solutions under rail transport systems. These are Traction (Traction) System, Train Control and Management Systems, Railway Energy Distribution and Management Systems, Energy Storage Systems, Signaling Solutions and Urban Signaling Solutions.
Aselsan shared some of the technical details with the technical details of the fair and also provided a simulation for the train control and management systems. Although R & D studies of this system continue, it is possible to say that the result is very close. Aselsan has developed this work to ensure that high-speed trains run at speeds of up to 300 per hour. Aselsan engineers, who have made a special study for this purpose, using innovative architectures and algorithms have introduced a product that meets the highest safety standards. Taskbar The so-called TKYB (Train Control Management Computer) device can operate at temperatures between -40 and + 70, and can be used not only on high-speed trains, but also on locomotives and on subway and trams. Aselsan's train control management system, equipment management, lighting, ventilation, door and brake control, error detection tools are hosting.
According to information from Aselsan officials at the booth, the company is working to adapt traction control systems in the tanks to trains. It is also possible to use a similar system to manage urban transport systems on the road to smart cities. Aselsan analyzes its traffic-related solutions separately from rail systems under the heading of Traffic and Automation Systems.
Domestic technologies in the fair
At the fair, also possible to meet with different products and technologies developed in Turkey. ISBAK, one of the subsidiaries of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, introduced smart transportation systems solutions and the first examples were introduced in Malatya. Bozankaya Trambus, which you can think of as an electric metrobus, is the first local tram in Bursa Durmazlar Group tool called Silkworm, modern design tools with Turkey's industrial products from Hexagon first come to an important point in the design developed. In addition, information about the Avenio series trams that Siemens will start to produce in its new factory in Gebze with the locomitive produced by GE with TÜLOMSAŞ in Eskişehir and exported to many countries is also available from the relevant stands.
5 March 2016 The Eurasia Rail Fair, which will continue until Friday, is held at the Istanbul Expo Center in Yeşilköy.

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