Minibuses, Minibuses and Taxis Working in Local and Inter-District Passenger Transportation in Mersin are Disinfected

minibuses and taxis are disinfected in the city of Mersin and between the districts.
minibuses and taxis are disinfected in the city of Mersin and between the districts.

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality continues its disinfection efforts to protect the public health against the Corona virus (COVID-19), which originates in China and spreads all over the world.

Metropolitan continues routine operations while performing its inspections by disinfecting public buses and places of worship used by many citizens during the day. In addition to public buses, Mersin Drivers and Automobiles Chamber initiated disinfection procedures for all minibuses and commercial taxis, with the aim of cleaning all alternative transportation vehicles used by Mersin residents throughout the day. A total of 200 vehicles were disinfected, while 1000 taxis were disinfected.

Vehicles will be both disinfected and inspected periodically

Disinfection of minibuses and commercial taxis used by many citizens will be carried out periodically. The teams affiliated to the Metropolitan Municipality Police Department will carry out the supervision of these procedures to protect public health. Vehicles without a label stating that disinfection has been carried out will be punished. Public transportation vehicles will not receive standing passengers in order to prevent citizens from touching each other and to avoid possible transmission of viruses.

Sarı: “We are obliged to protect the people who ride our vehicles”

Stating that they have started a campaign for all medicines of minibuses and taxis, Mersin Drivers and Automobile Chamber President Veysel Sarı said, “We are spraying all our vehicles to guarantee the well-being of the people who ride our vehicles. We try to fulfill our duty. Of course, our Municipality has great support here. We always felt with us in the formation of these works. I would like to thank our Mayor Vahap Seçer, Deputy Secretary General Olcay Bey, our Transportation Department President Ersan Bey and our managers separately. We are obliged to protect the people who get on our vehicles, we are that conscious. Today we are putting it all together. Our 200 cars will be medicated. We have put 1000 of our tax on the agenda and we are starting them now. ”

Stating that the necessary measures are taken to protect the public health and that the cleaning and disinfection processes are carried out, Zaberiya Özmış, the Deputy Director of the Traffic Police Department, said: Public health is important. We will do what we need together, hand in hand, "he said.

Stating that disinfection works of public transportation vehicles serving within Mersin Metropolitan Municipality continue periodically, Coşkun Ertingü, Branch Manager of Transportation Department (UKOME), said, “We are really going through a sensitive period. Disinfection is very important for our people. I believe that necessary measures will be taken due to the virus, whether in public transport or in private public buses. I would like to thank especially the friends who are here for this matter. ”

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