India High Speed ​​Train Route Map

india railway route map
india railway route map

India High Speed ​​Train Route Map: India will soon have the Bullet Train line, the only high speed train capable of running trains at speeds of more than 250 km per hour. Thanks to Japan's transfer of bullet train technology to India, India will be among the world's leading countries.

Indian Railways will switch to high speed train technology with a two-way approach. In the first stage, the speed of the separated passenger corridors will be increased to 160 to 200 km per hour in the main line corridors using traditional technology. In the second stage, depending on the applicability, a series of intercity routes will be determined and creating modern high speed corridors for speeds up to 350 km / h.

India High Speed ​​Train Introduction Video

Partnerships with State Governments will be crucial as real estate management will be a key element of the applicability of these high-cost projects. By 2020, at least four corridors from 2000 km will be developed, and the planning for the other corridor of 8 is as follows:

India Very High Speed ​​Train and Bullet Train Network

Diamond Square: Delhi Mumbai Chennai Kolkata Delhi (6750 km)

East India

Howrah Haldia High Speed ​​Train Line: Howrah - Haldia (135 km)

North India

Delhi-Patna High Speed ​​Train Line: Delhi Agra Kanpur Lucknow Varanasi Patna (991 km)
Delhi-Amritsar High Speed ​​Line: Delhi Chandigarh Amritsar (450 km)
Delhi-Dehradun High Speed ​​Line: Delhi Haridwar Dehradun (200 km)
Delhi-Jodhpur High Speed ​​Line: Delhi-Jaipur-Ajmer-Jodhpur (591 km)
Delhi-Varanasi High Speed ​​Line: Delhi-Kanpur-Varanasi (750 km)

West India

Ahmedabad Dwarka High Speed ​​Train Line: Ahmedabad Rajkot Jamnagar Dwarka
Bombay Nagpur High Speed ​​Train Line: Mumbai-Navi Mumbai Nasik Akola
Mumbai Ahmedabad High Speed ​​Train Line: Mumbai-Ahmedabad (534 km) - Under construction
Rajkot Veraval High Speed ​​Train Line: Rajkot Junagarh Veraval (591 km)

South India

Hyderabad Chennai High Speed ​​Train Line: Hyderabad Kazipet Dornakal Vijayawada Chennai (664 km)
Chennai-Thiruvananthapuram High Speed ​​Train Line: Chennai Bengaluru Coimbatore Kochi Thiruvananthapuram (850 km)
Chennai Kanniyakumari High Speed ​​Train Line: Chennai Tiruchirappalli Madurai Tirunelveli Kanniyakumari (850 km)
Thiruvananthapuram Kannur High Speed ​​Train Line: Thiruvananthapuram Kannur (585 km)
Bengaluru Mysore High Speed ​​Train Line: Bengaluru Mysuru (110 km)
Chennai-Mysore High Speed ​​Train Line: Chennai-Mysore (435 km)

India High Speed ​​Train Route Map

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