Producing the Covidien-19 Diagnostic Kit Domestic Companies in Turkey

Covidien domestic production of diagnostic kits turkiyede Enterprises
Covidien domestic production of diagnostic kits turkiyede Enterprises

The first requirement in following up and preventing the spread of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-XNUMX) that has taken the World by storm, is to diagnose the infected patients quickly and correctly. The reason why the numbers of new cases reported by various countries have been revised multiple times is because diagnostic methods are revised and diagnostics facilities are improved over time in the areas where the virus is detected. Anatolia Geneworks completed its R&D within a few weeks after the World Health Organization (WHO) published the genetic codes of the virus and launched its Bosphore Novel Coronavirus (XNUMX-nCoV) Detection Kit in February. To date, these kits have been used in testing tens of thousands of people in many countries in Europe, especially Italy and Poland, and in Asia and the Middle East lead by Iran and Pakistan. These test kits are used in all healthcare facilities in the areas of Italy which are at the center of the outbreak that has disrupted daily life in Italy. As the total number of kits used in several countries is over XNUMX, and inquiries from more than XNUMX countries is surpassing millions of tests, Anatolia is continuing its production at full capacity to fulfill these demands. This test, using Real-Time PCR technology that is also being used by the US Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), detects the whether or not the virus exists in the blood sample in a period of as little as XNUMX hours. The design used in the kit tests multiple target areas in the virus DNA overcomes the risk of possible mutations in the virus influencing the test result and produces results with %XNUMX specificity. Real-Time PCR technology is used in Turkey in diagnosing many pathogens like HIV-XNUMX and Hepatitis by university training and research hospitals, large public hospitals and some private hospitals and diagnostic labs. This technology, produces more accurate results at an earlier stage of the infection than serologic tests which test for the existence of antibodies that the body has produced against the virus.

Who is Anatolia Geneworks? Founded as a start-up in 90, biotechnology company Anatolia Tanı AŞ, provides world-class molecular diagnostic products used in more than 2014 hospitals and laboratories in Turkey, and exported to more than 32 countries in Europe, Asia, America and Africa. Anatolia, entering global markets under the brand Anatolia Geneworks shortly after it was established, develops and produces high-tech testing kits and devices with its multi-functional team of experts in fields such as genetics, medicine, molecular biology, bioengineering, biology, mechatronics, computer, electronics and mechanical engineering.

Anatolia, which has been awarded the status of “R&D Center” by the Ministry of Industry and Technology in XNUMX, is the largest manufacturer in Turkey in the field of molecular diagnostic kits. Anatolia, producing XNUMX million tests annually in the XNUMXth year of its establishment, and supported by various governmental agencies supporting innovation and R&D, delivers advanced technology diagnostic products developed in Istanbul to XNUMX continents.

In order to increase its effectiveness in the overseas market, Anatolia, which has commissioned the Free Zone production facility in Tuzla, continues its R&D and production activities in XNUMX world-class laboratories. In addition to the activities in the field of molecular diagnostics in Turkey, Anatolia takes place in academic and industrial research globally. Anatolia, being one of the few distinguished producers invited to the studies of the World Health Organization (WHO) to determine the new global test reference standards (WHO Collaborative Study), is the only manufacturer who represented Turkey in the study on Real-Time PCR Kits on BK and JC viruses. Anatolia, invited to the WHO Collaborative Studies in XNUMX and XNUMX, also has Hepatitis B (HBV) and Hepatitis C (HCV) Quantitative Real-Time PCR Kits with the highest sensitivity in the world in its product range.

Anatolia Respiratory Pathogens Panel The diagnostic kit developed by the startup company founded in 2019 works on PCR basis. The company has the capacity to produce 15 thousand test kits in 100 days.

Bosphore Novel Coronavirus (XNUMX-nCoV) Detection Kit is a Real-Time PCR-based in vitro diagnostic medical device, IVD CE marked according to XNUMX/XNUMX/EC Directive. Respiratory Pathogens Panel, stands out among the Real Time PCR diagnostic kits produced by Anatolia Geneworks under the brand “Bosphore”. This panel is strategically important for detecting infections whose symptoms are similar to each other and for correct treatment. It is recommended by health authorities that the possibilities of other respiratory pathogens be evaluated for the patient to be tested with suspicion of novel coronavirus. In the content of Bosphore Respiratory Pathogens Panel Kits that detects XNUMX viruses and bacteria* from a single sample of respiratory samples, Coronavirus XNUMXE, Coronavirus OCXNUMX, Coronavirus NLXNUMX and Coronavirus HKUXNUMX are already included. Thanks to the diagnosis made with multiplex panel kits, the pathogen can be easily determined and the right treatment and medicine can be decided. This method has a great importance to prevent antimicrobial resistance. Turkey has ranked first in the ranking of antibiotic resistance according to Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

GENKORD GENETICD: He developed a test kit that can detect coronavirus specific IgM and IgG antibodies in 15 minutes. The product will be ready in a few weeks. The firm has a patent application.

DS BIO and NANO: The diagnostic kit named Coronex COVID-19 developed by the Ankara-based company works on PCR basis. The company has 2 patent applications.

RTA LABORATORIES: Developing a diagnostic kit with the partnership of A1 Yaşam Bilim A.Ş, the laboratory exports the product to different countries. The company has 4 patent applications.

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