University Graduates to Free Tuition Loan Debt

university graduates should be freed from education debt
university graduates should be freed from education debt

Researcher Writer Hüseyin Demir stated that university graduates with education loan debts need to be exempted from their existing debts.

A proposal was made to please the university graduate, who owes a learning loan of 5 million. Researcher Author Hüseyin Demir said, “There is a need for an arrangement that will increase the number of young people in the youth population under the conditions where the unemployment rate is 24,5 percent, and that will save our students who have received education credits from their debt burden and open their way.”

Demir, Turkey in the 15 and over age group at the number of unemployed compared to the same period last year during November 2019 increased by 327 thousand persons in addition to the 4 million 308 thousand people to reach, the unemployment rate of young people, including the 15-24 age group compared to the same period of previous year 0,9, He emphasized that a new arrangement is necessary considering the difficulties suffered by the education loan debtor, whose number has reached 24,5 million, with a 5 point increase, in an environment where there is XNUMX percent.

“We must save our students from the debt of graduation 30 thousand TL”

Demir said, “Our students need to start paying their debts two years after graduation. It is determined by adding the inflation increase to the amounts between the loan loans and the end of their normal education period. After two years, a monthly increase of 1.40 percent is applied to unpaid debts. Therefore, the delayed debt can triple the credit received. The number of people who received education loans only in 3 was 2019 million 1 thousand. As of January 156, the amount of education loan given to students is 2020 TL per month at the undergraduate degree, 550 thousand TL at the master's degree and 100 thousand at the doctorate degree. Assuming that an undergraduate student receives a monthly loan of 650 TL and that the education period is 550 years, at the end of 4 years, a refund of 4 TL is issued. If we include the interest added on the principal, the amount of debt that the student must pay is above 26.400 thousand TL. ”

Hüseyin Demir said, “Students accept that they will pay their debts in the 'Scholarship / Loan Commitment' starting from the next two years from the end of their normal education period without waiting for notification. Payments are scheduled monthly or quarterly. A student studying at a university for 3 years must pay 4 years in installments 2 years after graduation. The same student can pay his debt in 48 installments every 3 months. ”

“Interests should be deleted from education loan debt and lien transactions should be removed”

Demir made the following suggestions: “In the payment options to be offered, the first job is to delete the interests and remove the foreclosure transactions, the option of payment when it finds a job two years after graduation, the opportunity to install 48 months instead of the 120 installments offered in the payment, the deletion of the debts of those who do not have the payment status between the years to be determined, We are sure that the people who are appointed to the civil service are kept alive, such as the deduction of their debts from their salaries by dividing them into interest-free years, the debt of people who started working with the minimum wage in the private sector, by deducting the interest rates and reducing their debts by deducting them at a certain rate, by deducting their debts for each year they could not find a job. taking steps that will enable them to progress with steps. ”

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