Türk-İş President Atalay's First Visit to TÜVASAŞ

turk business president at first visit tuvasasa
turk business president at first visit tuvasasa

Turk-İş President Ergun Atalay, 23 made the first visit in the new era after the Ordinary General Assembly of Turkey Wagon Industry Corporation TÜVASAŞ.

Meeting with workers and union representatives working at TÜVASAŞ, President ATALAY made a statement here.


Stating that the minimum wage concerns the 20 million of the society, TÜRK-İŞ President Ergün ATALAY said, “The eyes of the society are upon us; 51 on one side, 49 on one side. You tell one thing and the other takes it. I don't want to shut up, anyway. I can do whatever I can without breaking, breaking, insulting. I came to my house today to see you, have a tea and go. I told you about the minimum wage, my statement was formally 2 bin 578 of the cost of living. If it's below this figure, we won't be on the table, I'm telling you today. Today 20 million concerns the minimum wage in Turkey. I hope we will meet at the point we call, and we will sign under something that people are happy “.


ATALAY claimed that employers said they would remove workers if the minimum wage was high. I'm always saying, let's give them that money to try 1 moon or 2 moon; If they get along, let's all shut up. At least those who say this is less money, we will give our best if they say no problem. Let me see somewhere, let me close this money, including me, ”he said.

During the visit; TÜVASAŞ Deputy General Managers Yakup KARABAĞ, Turgut KÖKSAL, Ali Kozal, TÜRK-İŞ Sakarya Province Representative Cemal YAMAN, Railroad-İş Union Sakarya Branch Secretary Muammer GÜNEŞ and workers took part.




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