Balıkesir City Traffic Relieves with Roundabouts

balikesir relieves city traffic with frozen junctions
balikesir relieves city traffic with frozen junctions

Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality continues to implement transportation projects to provide fast, safe and comfortable transportation in the city. At the direction of Metropolitan Mayor Yücel Yılmaz, road expansion and roundabout works are carried out in order to ease the traffic in the city at many points.

The traffic of the city center, the points where the vehicle load is concentrated, are relieved with the new crossroads built by the Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality. With the modern roundabouts built by the Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs at 7 different locations in the city center, the intensity of traffic in the main arteries that will ease the traffic in Balıkesir will be reduced.

Intersection studies to reduce the time spent by citizens in traffic; Saturday Market, Vasıf Çınar Avenue, Main Makas Junction, in front of Ahmet Dural Lodging, Serkan Avenue-Mimar Sinan Avenue Intersection, Teknik High School Avenue- Wedding Street-Yuvam Street Intersection and behind the train station. Apart from the road work behind the train station, other roundabouts were completed and the roads were opened to traffic. The municipal teams, which continue their efforts to provide a safer transportation opportunity to the citizens by relieving the urban traffic, will start working in Bağ Sokak, which is located in front of the new airport and behind the Technical High School Avenue after the rainy weather passes.

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