Work Started for Çark Creek Bridge and Double Road

Work has begun for new bridge and double road in Sakarya
Work has begun for new bridge and double road in Sakarya

President Ekrem Yüce, who announced that the new double road and bridge work that will make the transition from Sebahattin Zaim Boulevard to Serdivan has started, will be resolved with the bridge we will build on Çark Creek and then double road work that will connect to Süleyman Binek Street. Good luck. ”

Sakarya Metropolitan Mayor Ekrem Yüce announced the start of the vehicle bridge and double road works that will enable the transition from Yenikent to Serdivan. With the new bridge and double road, which is 25 meters long and 18 meters wide, crossings will become easier. President Ekrem Yüce announced that the work of the bridge that will be built on Sebarkhat Zaim Boulevard and which will be built on the impeller creek to be connected with Hasır Sokak has started.

It will bring a new breath to transportation

Providing information about the works, Mayor Ekrem Yüce said, “We are continuing our work to strengthen the transportation network of our city. Proceeding in line with the demands and requests of our citizens, we bring our new and modern-looking roads to our city. kazanwe are raising. We will guarantee the transportation future of Sakarya with new investments. We will have solved the vehicle density at the Summer Intersection with the bridge we will build on the Çark Stream and then the double road work that will provide the connection to Süleyman Binek Street. Soil improvement works have started for our bridge, which has a length of 25 meters and a width of 18 meters, with 80 single-span bored piles with prestressed beams.

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