Giresun Island Cable Car and Marina Project from GISIAD

gisiaddan giresun island cable car and marina project
gisiaddan giresun island cable car and marina project

Giresun Industrialists and Businessmen Association (GISIAD) has started work on the cable car and marina projects on Giresun Island.

The GİSİAD Board of Directors visited the Mayor Aytekin Şenlikoğlu and presented the reports of the "Cable Car and Gemilerçekek Yacht Harbor to the Island" projects, which are stated to be able to provide employment for at least 4 thousand people. GISIAD Chairman of the Board of Directors Aykut Gezmiş, who presented the draft projects together with the reports of the projects they prepared to President Şenlikoğlu during the visit, said, “In order to eliminate the regional disparity difference and economic backwardness of Giresun, macro investments should be made in our province. Otherwise, the migration will not stop in our city, whose population has shrunk from year to year. As GISIAD, we are doing our part about this issue and we are proposing a new macro target for our city, which will provide employment and added value. ”

Noting that “Cable Car and Gemilerçekek Yacht Harbor to the Island” projects will be the second project in the world, Gezmiş said, “The transportation project to Giresun Island, which is the only island of the Black Sea, will be the second example in the world after Hong Kong. At least 1 million people can be transported annually in this cable car system, which will make Giresun a center of attraction. The 'Gemilerçekek Yacht Harbor', which will be established on an area of ​​approximately 400 acres, will have a capacity of one thousand boats. This project, which will change the face of the city with its thousand-car parking lot, 50-acre shipyard area, 15 thousand square meter restaurant and cafe areas, will bring the people of Giresun together with the sea. With these projects, approximately 4 thousand people will be provided with jobs and will add at least 500 million TL annually to the city economy. These projects, which will pay for themselves in a very short period of 8-10 years at most, will change the fate of Giresun and transform it into a city that receives migration, not migrants. As long as the city, let's believe and protect these macro targets ”.

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