Istanbulites Prefer Subway for Safe Travel at Night

Istanbul residents prefer the metro for a safe journey at night
Istanbul residents prefer the metro for a safe journey at night

The night subway application, which started on August 30, 2019, reached 6 million 1 thousand passengers in 210 months. Istanbul residents say they prefer the metro to travel safely at night.

The night metro application launched by Metro Istanbul, a subsidiary of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) on August 30, 2019, attracted great attention from Istanbul residents. 24 million 6 thousand people benefited from the night metro application, which provides 1-hour uninterrupted service on weekends and public holidays. In the first 210 months of the application, the line carrying the most passengers was the Yenikapı - Hacıosman Line with 6 thousand 505 people.

85 percent are satisfied with the application…

Metro Istanbul; He conducted a public survey to measure the satisfaction of Istanbulites with their night metro application, their usage habits and their perception of this service. According to the research carried out on the 8-rail system line within the scope of the night metro application operated by Metro Istanbul; 85 percent of passengers are satisfied with 24-hour uninterrupted transportation. 70 percent are aware of 24-hour uninterrupted transportation practice, and 79 percent of those who have never used the subway before will benefit from the practice.

It makes life easier…

80 percent of the passengers prefer the night subway as they feel safe at the stations and vehicles. 30 percent of those who do not feel safe, state that this is due to other passengers. A 93 percent think that 24-hour uninterrupted transportation makes their lives easier. 57 percent of the passengers use the night subway to access entertainment and social activities, and 27 percent use it to switch between home and work. The line where the night metro is used the most for entertainment and social activities  Kadıköy - Tavsantepe.

Women prefer to access entertainment…

69 percent of female passengers prefer the night metro for entertainment and social activities. This rate is 51 percent for male passengers. On the other hand, 32 percent of male passengers benefit from 24-hour uninterrupted transportation for home and business transportation. M39 Üsküdar - Çekmeköy line was the most preferred line for the night metro for home and business transportation.

About the night metro…

With the night metro application launched by Metro Istanbul on August 30, 2019, uninterrupted transportation is provided for 8 or 24 hours on weekends and public holidays. In this context, the flights, which start at 06:00 on Fridays, continue to 00 hours without interruption until Sunday, providing services to Istanbul residents.

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