What is Electric Current, How is it Measured?

What is the electric current?
What is the electric current?

The electric current is very similar to a stream of water, instead of just molecules of water moving down a river, charged particles move a conductor down. Electric current is defined as the rate at which a charge flows through a surface. Electric current is the charge flow rate passing through a certain point in an electrical circuit, measured in Coulomb / second, called Amper.

What is Electric Current?

Electrical currentis defined as the rate at which the load flows through a surface. Charged particles are almost always electrons. Atoms in a conductive material have many free electrons that travel from atom to atom and everywhere in between. The movement of these electrons is random, so there is no flow in any direction. However, when we apply a voltage to the conductor, all free electrons move in the same direction, creating a current. The current unit is ampere. Since the load is measured in coulombs and time in seconds, one ampere is the same as a coulomb in seconds.

Ordinary matter consists of atoms composed of positively charged nuclei and negatively charged electrons surrounding them. The proton has 1836 times the mass of the electron, but has exactly the same size charge, not negative, only positive. The main consequence of this is that the proton and electron will attract each other strongly. Two protons or two electrons strongly push each other.

How is Electric Current Measured?

The most commonly used device for measuring current is ammeter. Since the SI unit that measures the electric current is amperes, the device used to measure the current is called an ammeter. There are two types of electric currents: direct current (DC) and alternating current (AC). While sending DC current in one direction, AC changes the direction of current at regular intervals. The ammeter tries to measure the electric current by measuring the current through a series of coils with very low resistance and inductive reactance. To these products https://www.elektimo.com/kategori/multimetreler You can reach and buy from the page.

Movement in moving coil ammeters results from permanent magnets that are adjusted to withstand current. The movement then rotates a centrally positioned armature attached to an indicator dial. This dial is set on a graduated scale that allows the operator to know how much current has passed through a closed circuit. When measuring the current of a circuit, you need to connect an ammeter in series. The low impedance of the ammeter means that it will not lose much power. If the ammeter is connected in parallel, the path can be short-circuited so that all current flows through the ammeter instead of the circuit.

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