Preferred Nearly 60 Million Istanbul Metro

nearly a million preferred Istanbul metro
nearly a million preferred Istanbul metro

Acting on the principle of transparency and accountability, one of the subsidiaries of IMM Metro Istanbul shares its Operating Performance Scorecard with Istanbul residents every month.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) subsidiaries in Turkey's largest city Istanbul Metro rail operators, data Istanbulites opened. Acting with a transparent and accountable new generation municipality approach, the company shares the Business Performance Scorecard, which is prepared regularly every month, with all Istanbulites on its website. The published report includes the company's data, targets and the average level comparatively foreseen by the international benchmarking organization Nova-Comet, of which 5 metros are members on 38 continents.

Nearly 60 million Istanbulites preferred the metro… According to the January 2020 Business Performance Report, published at the address of Istanbul, in the first month of 2020 in Istanbul, 158 vehicles and 844 thousand 153 flights were made in 240 stations. In January 2019, vehicles had 149 thousand 778 flights. Vehicles traveling 2019 million kilometers in January 8.4 reached 8.7 million kilometers this year.

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