Lakes Express on the İzmir Isparta Line Brings Movement to the Region

goals expressing on izmir isparta line brought movement to the region
goals expressing on izmir isparta line brought movement to the region

The Lakes Express, which was interrupted due to the Afyon-Denizli railway renewals and was put on the Isparta-İzmir line on October 25, 2019, brought great action to the region.

With the organization of the Governor of Isparta, Ekspres recently hosted the Lake District Nature Sports Club members.

Isparta Governor Ömer Seymenoğlu, who sent 150 members of the group to İzmir, stated that Göller Express is of great importance in revitalizing the tourism of the region and that they are very happy as the Governorship.

Speaking on behalf of the group attended by 7 to 70 members, GÖLDOSK Chairman Fikret Yurtaslan said that they were very happy to put the Lake Express, which was interrupted due to road renewals, to be put back on time, and the nature of this route is wonderful.

The Göller Express, which runs every day on the 475-kilometer Isparta-İzmir line, completes its course in 22 hours and 30 minutes by moving from Isparta at 23:00 and from İzmir at 8:30. Approximately 25.10.2019 thousand passengers have been transported in the Lake Express, which started its flights on 25.

Passengers from Burdur can travel by express using Isparta Gümüşgün station.

DMU 4 sets with 262 passenger capacity, consisting of 15400 wagons, which increase capacity and service quality with road renewals, serve.



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