A Babayiğit is Wanted for Kartepe Cable Car Project

A babayigit is being sought for the kartepe cable car project
A babayigit is being sought for the kartepe cable car project

Kartepe Mayor Mustafa Kocaman stated that he did not give up the cable car project and two alternatives were on the table. Kocaman also emphasized that he is looking for a small father for the project, which will be ready for tender within 1 month.

Saying that he did not give up the Kartepe cable car project, which was canceled and said to be on the shelf, Kocaman said, “We look at the process more realistic. There is no problem in the tender. This point was reached when the company experienced economic difficulties. We have no problem. We even waited for the company. But it did not happen and we terminated the contract. We are currently renovating projects. The 90-person section of the single cabin was later changed but not written in the specification.

We change it to frequent 9-person cabins. One month later, the cable car will become a tender. If there is a little daddy, let's tender. We are also conducting incentive work for the line between Derbent Shooting Range and Kuzuyayla. We consider not only the build-operate-transfer method, but also the possibility of being made by the public. Currently, two alternatives are on the table. We never gave up and I don't plan to give up either. ”

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