General Directorate of Highways Launched New Vehicles

new vehicles of the general directorate of highways were put into service
new vehicles of the general directorate of highways were put into service

Minister Turhan, General Directorate of Highways (KGM) this year due to the commissioning of snow-fighting and road maintenance machines, said at a ceremony.

Turkey's transport area "let wheels turn, means you walk" away with the understanding behind the ongoing road construction work expresses Turhan, now comply with international standards, driving comfort and roads, he said structures that provide safety to the maximum extent.

Turhan stated that the same situation is valid for road maintenance works, “We have invested 17 billion pounds in highways in the last 469 year. We increased our split road length over the 4 floor to 27 thousand 123 kilometers. We connected all of our cities in divided ways. We have increased the length of the road with BSK from 8 thousand 650 kilometers to 27 thousand 761 kilometers. Mountains, valleys, straits, seas, bridges and tunnels have crossed. ”

Turhan, increasing traffic safety and travel comfort due to the decrease in fatal accidents, noting that agriculture, trade, tourism and industrial development of the transport infrastructure required by the gains achieved in the inter-regional development of great progress is reported.

Turhan noted that the vehicle operating expenses were also saved to a significant extent, adding that thanks to only divided roads, they provided more than 18 billion lira to the national economy every year as labor and fuel savings.

Yüzde 66 percent of newly purchased machinery and equipment is domestic ”

Turhan pointed out that it is important to keep roads usable as well as to open roads., The geography and climatic conditions of our country are known. Every day, millions of vehicles around the country are on the move. On the one hand, while developing our infrastructure for highways, on the other hand, 365 day snow, winter vehicles ensure the safe travel.

Turhan, the roads of the village closed for months because of snow, waiting for days on the side of the road bus, truck queues are buried in history, explaining, he said:

“Within this scope, we include the machines that will open our roads and keep our roads open without saying snow, winter and storm, within the structure of General Directorate of Highways. We add continuously needed machines and equipment to the inventory of our General Directorate for snow fighting and road maintenance. 2019 148 million dollars in the 258 machine and 133'ı equipment, including the total 391 machine and equipment we have brought more highways. These include 97 snow blades and salt spreaders, 10 rock trucks, 18 superstructure trucks, 9 loaders, 3 excavators, 9 tow trucks, which are vital in the fight against snow. It is very important that the 66 of the machinery and equipment purchased is domestic manufacturing. The cost of these is 98 million pounds. With the latest purchases, our General Directorate has been able to provide services with 5 thousand 12 machines and equipment including 822 thousand moving machines. ”

“Vehicles will be sent to needed areas”

Imported machinery and equipment, especially stressed the importance of the winter months, especially for the cities of Turhan, thanks to the vehicles in question, especially in cities and regions where the winter conditions are severe, roads around the country will be kept open, he said.

Turhan wished that the new vehicles to be sent as reinforcements to the needed areas would be beneficial, and wished the staff to work in harsh winter conditions.

After his speech, Turhan examined the machinery and equipment.

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