TCDD 3. Region Traditional Autumn Carpet Tournament Ends

tcdd region traditional autumn swings field tournament ended
tcdd region traditional autumn swings field tournament ended

TCDD 3. Traditionally organized by the Regional Directorate, the 20 team participated and played as a total 52 match.

The final match ended with the victory of İZBAN Spor Selim Koçbay 3.Bölge Manager, IZBAN AS General Manager Seckin Mutlu, TCDD Transportation Inc. Izmir Regional Manager Habil EMIR, TCDD Izmir Port Operations Manager Serdar GÖRÜR, Assistant Regional Manager Nizametdin Çiçek, Service Managers, NGO representatives, railroaders, İZBAN staff, Port staff and many football fans followed.

Regional Manager Koçbay, stating that the tournament organized traditionally every year increases the solidarity and motivation within the organization, thanking all the athletes who participated in the tournament and presented their cups and medals to the winning teams.


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