No Overhead Bridge Over Karakaya Dam Lake

Road will not be constructed on the Iron Bridge over the Karakaya Dam Lake: Governor Vasip Sahin said that the project on the bridge between Malatya and Baskil district of Elazig on the Euphrates Iron Bridge over the Karakaya Dam Lake was opposed by the project.
Providing information at the Provincial Coordination Board, Deputy Regional Director of DSI Sami Güzel, Yoncalı Dam, the contractor of the Public Procurement Authority (GCC) said that they were taken, waiting for the result said. Güzel, yapt We made the auctions of the 9 bin 300 meter tunnel and irrigation project of Yoncalı Dam. Recai Kutan Boztepe Dam's irrigation tender has been completed and work will be started. Kapikaya Irrigation Project's allowance is 10 million TL. Here is the physical realization of the percentage 51. Only, the company came to know that the company was transferred to the trustee. Looks like we're going to be a little financially affected. Or we were aiming to finish Kapikaya irrigation by the end of the year. The Medik Dam had the job of upgrading, and we completed it this year, the water began to rise. Recai Kutan After Boztepe Dam and Yoncali Dam are fully commissioned, a significant amount of land will be irrigated in the Yazıhan and Arguvan region. Rec
Deputy Director of DSI Sami Güzel, Recai Kutan Boztepe Dam tunnel water leakage in the question on the question, ı A water leak came. We're working now, we're injecting. The source was detected. Our teams are working there, we will complete the 2-3 months. There were 11 million cubes of water in the Polat Dam last year. There was 6 million cubes of water in the Çat Dam last year, this year there is 129 million cubes of water. There's nothing wrong with Sultansuyu. There are 890 million cubes of water in the Sliding Dam last year, and now there are 65 million cubes of water geçen.
On the Euphrates Iron Bridge on the Karakaya Dam Lake, the Governor of Vasilah Sahin said, il The project that prepared the project and its statics immediately made a warning to the governor by the Notary Public. Our company will not accept any liability if any structure is made on it. This is very important. However, if you can determine the opposite with scientific calculations, you can build a project here, or you take the risk. There is such a situation. It is useful to know him in the public, esinde he said.
Hürrem Çapar, Deputy Regional Director of Highways, said, c The issue came to us. The company opposed and said they would not carry that burden. Highways also came from that article and that topic came out of the agenda.

Günceleme: 07/05/2019 16:59

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