Izmir Metro Saatleri Ticket Prices Stations and Map
35 Izmir

Izmir Metro Hours

İzmir Metro Hours: İzmir Metro has been operating underground and aboveground and underground transportation within the city for many years. With an extensive rail network [more…]

what train
16 Bursa

What Train to Bursa?

What Train to Bursa; Last week… Budget of the Ministry of Transport was being discussed in the TBMM Budget Plan Commission. As the commission, IYI Party Bursa Deputy and Deputy Chairman Prof. Dr. İsmail Tatlıoğlu to 2 Deputy Ministers opposite [more…]

bandirma railway line re-invested
16 Bursa

Bandırma Railway Line is on the Investment Agenda

As far as we understand… Ankara visits of the mayors of Çanakkale and Balıkesir, who have linked their hopes to the Bursa train for rail transportation to Istanbul or Ankara, were influenced that the displacement Bandırma line was included in the reinvestment agenda. Though… Here, too, the industrial production of the Central Anatolia region to the port by rail [more…]