Bursa High Speed ​​Train in Ankara! 'Bursa Deserves it'

ankarada scholarships to high-speed rail mobilization deserves a scholarship
ankarada scholarships to high-speed rail mobilization deserves a scholarship

Bursa High Speed ​​Train Campaign in Ankara! 'Bursa Deserves'; Bursa lawmakers also supported the meeting titled “Bursa Deserves” organized by Bursa Fan Club Association in Ankara.

AK Party Deputy Secretary General and Bursa Deputy Ahmet Kılıç, AK Party Headquarters Deputy Head of Political and Legal Affairs Mehmet Tunçak, Chief Justice Advisor Harun Akın, AK Party Bursa Deputy Mustafa Esgin, CHP Bursa Deputies Yüksel Özkan, Nurhayat Altaca Kayışoğlu, Erkan Aydın, MHP Deputy Chairman and Bursa Deputy Mustafa Hidayet Vahapoğlu, Good Party Deputy Chairman and Bursa Deputy İsmail Tatlıoğlu, Good Party Deputy Chairman and Bursa Deputy Ahmet Kamil Erozan, General Manager and Management of the Machinery and Chemical Industry Corporation Chairman of the Board Yasin Akdere, General Manager of Foreign Trade Sefa Uslu, Ministry of Energy, President of RUMELİSİAD Ömer Kumova, Secretary General of BEBKA İsmail Gerim, Bursa Association Chairman İsmet Kazancı, Bursa high-judge members and bureaucrats and many guests attended Ankara I.

Speaking at the meeting, Bursa Fan Club Association President Ali Ademoğlu underlined that Bursa could not get its right on High Speed ​​Train, that Bursa's problems could be solved in unity and solidarity, and that a lobby should be established in Ankara regardless of party.

RUMELİSİAD President Ömer Kumova pointed out that there should be solutions for industrialization and industrialists' problems in Bursa.

While discussing the views of lawmakers, bureaucrats and NGOs from Bursa's problems, infrastructure and city brand were discussed, it was agreed that Ankara should be played more effectively for unity and solidarity for the establishment of a Bursa lobby and problem solving, regardless of political party. (the Bursadabug)

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