Will the tram that divide Atakum in two pass under the ground?

Is the tram underground going to night
Is the tram underground going to night

Will the tram that divides Atakum into two pass underground? ; Stating that the tram line passing through Atakum divides the district into two, Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Demir stated that they will put this issue on the agenda during the visit of the Minister of Transport Turhan to Samsun and solve the problem with 'tunnel or different methods'.

The railway system, which brings great convenience to public transportation, especially pointed out that Atakum divides in two, President Mustafa Demir said that they will work together with Mehmet Cahit Turhan, the Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure, who will come to Samsun in the coming days and they will seek solutions.

Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Demir announced that they would work with Mehmet Cahit Turhan, the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, who would come to the city in the coming days, on the grounds that the tram line divided Atakum District in two years. Demir, who pointed out that the rail system, which brings great convenience to the public transportation, especially divides Atakum in two, said that they will look for solutions.

Mayor Demir said, “The system chosen on the rail system divided the city into two. Especially Atakum. It caused serious traffic problems there. We contributed to public transportation, but it created much bigger problems in other areas. A tunnel can be built under the system. We will do a technical work with our minister. We will look at whether the tunnel is a better system or whether it is more correct to switch from this system to another system. Can we find solutions to eliminate traffic congestion and congestion at intersections?

Explaining that Samsun light rail system will extend in east-west direction, Demir said, “We stated that we would extend the rail system line to Taflan in the west and to the airport in the east. We did that work with our minister and reached an agreement with our ministry about the extension. We will then make the final decision. We will probably have it done to our ministry ”.



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