In Eskişehir, students read books on the tram and gave presents to citizens

Eskisehir students read the book on the tram gave the citizens a gift
Eskisehir students read the book on the tram gave the citizens a gift

Within the scope of social responsibility project organized jointly by Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality and Özel Çağdaş Schools, 42 students read books on the tram with the slogan 'Reading is a modern action'. The habit of reading books in public transportation kazanExpressing that they want to implement such a project in order to make a living, the students gave the books they read as gifts to the passengers traveling in the tram with the notes they put in them.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which has signed various social responsibility projects in trams with the Furya Association in the past days, has implemented another project, this time together with Private Çağdaş Schools. 42 students reading books with the slogan "Reading is a modern act" presented the books they read to the citizens in the vehicle with the notes written in them. Stating that reading books enlightens people's horizons, the students made the habit of reading books to people in public transportation with this project. kazanThey said they wanted to go.

İsmail Samur, the Director of Private Contemporary Schools Science and Anatolian High School, stated that he is proud of his students for the realization of such a project. However, the rate of reading books in our country is very low. People can make good use of that time with a book they will carry with them, especially when traveling from one place to another in public transport. We also wanted to implement such a social responsibility project with the support of our students and the ideas coming from our students. Our students who read books on the tram then gave the books to other citizens traveling. After reading the book, they asked them to give it to someone else as a gift. ”

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