Muğla Greater 118 Million 966 Thousand Passengers

mugla buyuksehir million thousand passengers
mugla buyuksehir million thousand passengers

Muğla Metropolitan Municipality has been serving 118 Million 966 Thousand passengers in transportation since its establishment.

Muğla Metropolitan Municipality has provided transportation services to 118 Million 966 Thousand passengers since the day it was established with the transportation network developed for citizens to travel more easily and safely.

The Municipality of Muğla continues to serve with thousand 433 controlled public vehicles and 170 municipal buses throughout the city. Disabled ramps, 96 watched cameras with modern buses that provide transportation services throughout the province are pleasing the citizens.

118 Million 966 Thousand of 18 Million 837 thousand passengers have been transported free of charge under the “Free Passenger Transport Law Kanunu determined by the Ministry of Transportation.

Approximately 27 Million Passengers Moved on City Buses

Approximately 27 Million passengers were transported on the buses belonging to Muğla Metropolitan Municipality and 5 Million 35 thousand of them were transported free of charge. 91 Million passengers were transported in private public transportation vehicles while 13 Million passengers took advantage of free transportation.

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