The Gospel to the Driver Tradesman from Muğla Metropolitan! '7 Substance Changed in UKOME'

mugla is from big city sofor
mugla is from big city sofor

Mugla Metropolitan Municipality will make the tradesmen face smiling face 8 made arrangements. From the 10 removal of the 'BB' plate vehicles to the 19 age of the S-plate vehicles, the 7 separate material was evaluated and implemented.

Mayor of Muğla Metropolitan Municipality Osman Gürün continues to fulfill his promises during the election process. President Gürün promised that he would examine the demands of the driver of the driver before and during the election and he realized his investigations and arranged for 7 on a separate topic.

Muğla Metropolitan Municipality issued a written statement on the subject. In a statement, the 7 separate UKOME decision concerning driver trades has been changed. The statement made the following statements;

Ile In accordance with the instructions of our Mayor Mr. Osman Gürün, esi BB veril, una SS kon, m T de plate cars,, S lar license plate vehicles allowed to work in tourism, the reduction or removal of commercial license plate document fees, document receiving times' BB 'license plates on the vehicle permit decisions about the duration of the documents were examined. As a result of the examinations, the approval of our president was made on 7 separately UKOME. Following the regulation made by the UKOME Board on 15.02.2019 date and 2019 / 2-74, the age limit of Personnel Service Vehicles implemented in parallel with the School Service Vehicles with 'S' plate was increased from 12 to 19. Kurulu

The age limit of inclusion in X BB ild plates has been increased to 0-7 “

Muğla Metropolitan Municipality said in a statement that the age of inclusion of the BB plates was also stated. In addition, the statement UM UKOME Board 15.02.2019 date and 2019 / 2-73 0-2 after the arrangement made with the decision of the 'BB' license plate to be included in the system with the 0-7 3-10 22.03.2019-2019 was edited. In addition, the 3 of these vehicles will be carried out annually in order to ensure that the vehicles are suitable for public transportation service. In addition, in order to prevent the tradesmen who operate private public transportation vehicles with the 'BB' license plate and not to lose time, the regulations regarding the permit permit period are also regulated. I Following the arrangement of the UKOME Board with the decision of 93 and 7 / 1-1, In order to prevent the loss of time and to prevent the loss of time, it was decided that the documents prepared annually would be arranged in proportion to the vehicle age (1 + XNUMX + XNUMX + XNUMX age). zaman

'Commercial Taxis have been upgraded to 12'

In A lot of our taxi shopkeepers' demands were about the regulation of ages. As a result of our work in accordance with the instructions of the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, the maximum age limit of 10 in Commercial Taxis was rearranged by 22.03.2019 and 2019-3. In addition, among UKOME resolutions, commercial license plate vehicles were allowed to work, vehicles were prepared on subjects such as suitability and separately charged with the necessary arrangements were made within the Department of Transportation. Ayrı

Ecek 2007 Model 'S' plate will work in tourism “

Sharing the changes on the separate substance of the 7 Mugla Metropolitan Municipality, 2009 model and School Carrier registered service vehicles in the tourism also announced that the arrangement is done. Metropolitan Municipality gave the following views on the issue;

M 2019 15 will be valid between May-15 October, ile 22.03.2019 date and 2019 / 3-92 2009 2007 model and 2019 15-15 after the arrangement made with the model of the school vehicle registered service vehicles as XNUMX model and above. In the same article XNUMX XNUMX May - XNUMX 'will be valid between October' Staff and School Carrier Registration '' S 'plate service vehicles were allowed to work in tourism. Madde

”Commercial License vehicles will be able to receive documents for each period of the year“

Explaining that they made arrangements on another subject related to 'S', 'TM' and 'T' plates, Muğla Metropolitan Municipality stated, “The work permit and route permit documents of commercial license plates between 01 January and 28 February are dated on 22.03.2019. He explained that after the arrangement made with the decision numbered 2019 / 3-94, plate operators were able to obtain documents in every period of the year ”.

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