122 Expeditions A Day Are Organized To The Hospital In Muğla

Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University Education and Research Hospital is providing 122 flights a day to ensure that the citizens can reach the transportation in a comfortable way.

Muğla Metropolitan Municipality, which has made many studies in the province in terms of transportation, prevented citizens from experiencing difficulties by adding new expeditions to the halls of Menteşe district Medical Faculty in order to make citizens more comfortable and to benefit from health services.

A total of 06 trips between 40:23 and 25:54 in the Bus Station / Stadium - Faculty of Medicine line, which is one of the public transportation services carried out by MUTTAŞ, between 06:30 and evening time on the Düğerek - Stadium - Faculty of Medicine line. A total of 17 trips between 30:26 between the hours of return to TOKI - Medical Faculty line 07:45 in the morning and 17:35 between the hours of 14:07 in the evening and 15:20 in the morning at the Menteşe Building Cooperative - Faculty of Medicine line : A total of 15 bus services are organized between 28 hours.

The round-trip total of 122 service is organized in the hospital line because of the citizens are very pleased.



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