elazigda train accident injured
23 Elazig

Train Accident 1 Dead 2 Injured in Elazig

The train hit the vehicle of the workers working in the electricity company in the Maden district of Elazig. 1 person died in the accident, 2 people were injured. According to the information received, the accident was located at the level crossing between Sivrice and Maden district of Elazig. [more…]

54 Sakarya

Priority Citizen Satisfaction in Public Transport in Sakarya

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department of the teams connected to the public transport teams continue to work to increase satisfaction. The teams connected to the Department of Transportation of the Metropolitan Municipality will conduct air conditioning and cleaning inspections on public transportation vehicles. [more…]

malatyada yksye students will enter the bus free
44 Malatya

Free Buses for Students Going to YKS in Malatya

Candidates who will take the YKS exam on June 15-16 will benefit from public transportation vehicles belonging to the Metropolitan Municipality free of charge by showing the exam entry document. Malatya Metropolitan Municipality, Higher Education Institutions to be held this weekend [more…]

secure surusler in aycicegi bicycle valley
54 Sakarya

Safe Rides in Sunflower Bike Valley

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality continues to welcome visitors to the Sunflower Bicycle Valley. Finally, Karasu Manavpınarı Secondary School students took lessons from expert trainers on 'Safe Cycling in Traffic'. Metropolitan Municipality Youth and Sports [more…]