34 Istanbul

Smart Bicycle from İSPARK to Küçüksu

ISPARK, which has spread ISBIKE “smart bicycle project üzerinde on the bicycle routes built by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality throughout the city, introduced smart bicycles to the use of citizens in Küçüksu Recreation Area. İSPARK realized a large [more…]

antalyada transportation wants to raise artisan
07 Antalya

Transportation Tradesmen Want a Hike in Antalya

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Chief Advisor Av. Cansel Tuncer, Antalya Union of Chambers of Craftsmen and Artisans organized a meeting organized by the transportation tradesmen listened to the problems. Tuncer stated that they will be the followers of the demands and suggestions, and our â € œVatandanımız, our tradesmen [more…]

constant transportation from boiling to more comfortable
54 Sakarya

Road Works Continue in Kaynarca

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality continues its asphalt renovation works in various parts of the city. Within this scope, the thousand 500 meters long road connecting Sabırlı District to Kaynarca road was brought to the new surface by the hands of the Municipality of Buyuksehir. bã¼yã¼kåÿeh is [more…]

optifuel challenge again
33 Mersin

Optifuel Challenge 2019 Records

Renault Trucks Optifuel Challenge, a biennial competition organized by driving Turkey's semi-final was completed. Ömer Yaman, competing on behalf of Aktur International Transport, achieved the lowest fuel consumption in the competition stage. [more…]

batmanlilar insists on demanding raybus
72 Batman

Batman insists to demand a bus

More workers between Adana-Mersin Turkey State Railways (TCDD) Raybüs of time, to be launched in Diyarbakır-Batman Batman has launched initiatives in some circles. TCDD Rail Bus service between Adana and Mersin, [more…]